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Make the best first impression with a custom logo design.


A unique colour palette, typography and pattern designs are the foundations of a great brand. We’ll work with you to create a colour palette, typography and pattern design that makes a lasting impression for years to come.


After we’ve completed the foundation of your brand identity, we’ll work towards building consistency with your brand online and offline through your brand’s touchpoints. Select three of the following (or ask us to create something custom!) to build your brand’s trust online and offline:

  • Instagram promo graphics

  • Email Marketing Design

  • Worksheets or PDF’s

  • Iconography design

  • Blog post template

  • Thank you card design

  • Postcard design

  • Letterhead design

  • Sticker design

  • Business card design

  • Menu design

  • Signage design

  • Pricing sheets

  • Instagram Story

  • Blog Post Template

Website design can be added on upon request.

Looking for templates? For an add-on price, we’ll provide the working file
for you as a template to best support your business.

choose ONE brand collateral design

Ideal for passing over to your web designer or virtual assistant, our brand style guide provides guidelines on how to use your brand elements moving forward. Wan’t to create something new with your brand identity on your own? Save the headache and take a look at our style guide which provides all hex codes and colours, logo designs, and major do’s and don’ts to watch out for when moving forward with your brand.


We’ll never leave you hanging after the project ends! Our package together includes up to 2, 30 minute check-in calls post-project for any questions you have moving forward with your brand post-project as well as a 1-hour brand strategy consultation at the beginning of our project to set you up for success. 2 revisions are provided with each design element, along with a 4, 30-minute phone call check-in’s throughout the project.

Looking for ongoing design support post-project? Ask us about our retainer pricing.


Starting at $2,000 + HST

Looking for something a little different?

We’re always open to different options to support your business and the budget you have in mind. If you’re looking for something a bit different then please book an introductory phone call so we can prepare a custom quote for you.



words from a few of OUR CLIENTS

Claire’s work is outstanding! We receive compliments on every element of our brand design on a daily basis. These compliments are all on work that Claire created and continues to curate with impeccable style, efficiency and cost consciousness. When providing her strategy, it is always with an assessment of the long-term sustainable growth of my business offering. I have such faith in Claire’s talents that I refer my own clients to her as I trust that she will help them develop and create the perfect brand and strategy in line with their vision and needs.
— Sophia Ruffolo, CEO and Founder of femmebought

Working with Claire has been a dream! She’s highly responsive, creative and intuitive. She understands your business needs and wants and creates a bespoke experience for you with the budget you have in mind. I can’t rave enough about her services. We needed a website redesign and new content and she delivered and surpassed my expectations!
Joyce_Sprout Collection.png

Ian Cameron_Cameron Consulting Group_Toronto_GTA_HR.png
When I had my initial strategy session with Claire, I had a pretty clear idea for a business offering but zero design capability. The result in working with Claire was exceptional brand and website design that was exactly how I wanted my business to be portrayed by my clients. Claire is a genuine collaborator. All the way through the process you she put forth excellent design ideas for me to consider and react to. She encouraged my feedback and input and incorporated it beautifully while always making sure that my ideas were within the boundaries of sound design principles.

Now that I have my brand identity, my confidence grows as every single day I receive strong accolades about my website, logo design, and colour palette!
— Ian Cameron, CEO of Cameron Consulting Group